Vintage Marcasite Earrings

Vintage Marcasite Earrings


Choose: A. Flying Bird EarringsChoose: B. Marcasite Leaf EarringsChoose: C. Hoops
Choose: D. Flower BasketChoose: E Art Deco Marcasite EarringsChoose: F Art Nouveau Drop Earrings

These vintage earrings all have marcasites set into silver . They all date from circa 1920s to 1950s and are in excellent wearable condition.A. 

A. Flying Bird Earrings


How sweet to have a pair of birds in your ears. These are for pierced ears - each bird is just over ½ inch wide maximum.





B. Marcasite Leaf Earrings


Marcasite leaf Earrings. £30. A pair from the 1950s made of solid silver and studded all over with marcasites. These are screw on type - each measures about 1.2 cms long.




hoop earringsC. Hoop Earrings


These     form a hoop all the way around the ear lobe. They are screw on type. The hoop is 1.5 cms diameter and    5mm wide.



floewr basketsD. Flower Baskets

These are very romantic, shaped as a basket full of flowers - 1.7 cms top to bottom. They are clip on type earrings.





E Art Deco Marcasite Earrings Art Deco Marcasite Earring

Originals from circa 1920s. They are screw on type. Each is 1 inch top to base. 






F Pearl Drop Marcasite Earrings. Art Nouveau Drop Marcasite Earrings 

Pretty Art Nouveau style earrings with a glass pearl drop in . Just over 1 inch top to base. 



Item no:  398-67