Vintage Gold Cufflinks

Vintage Gold Cufflinks


Choose: c. Oval Strip CufflinksChoose: D.Cross Hatch CufflinksChoose: E. Diagonal Stripe cufflinks

These are solid nine carat gold cufflinks as traditionally worn by the discerning Gent on dress occasions.  They are all vintage and in excellent condition. Please choose from








A. Deco Design Cufflinks  With an Art Deco design on the heads these are very attractive vintage cufflinks. The heads are a little under 3/4 inch long and joined into pairs by a short length of chain. Weigh around 7.3 grams.










B. Oblong Cufflinks.  These are nice having an oblong link of ¾ inch long and a torpedo shape back. They come in their original box








C Oval Stripe Cufflinks . One of the pair of heads has an engine turned stripe design and the other is plain except for a band around the edge. Each head is almost ¾ inch long . These come in there original card box which is a little worn inside but still nice to have. These are joined by a short length of chain.








D. Cross Hatch Cufflinks Here's a pair of gold cufflinks which are fully hallmarked for nine carat gold and can be dated to 1978. The heads of these cufflinks measure about 1.7 cms long. . There is a pattern on one side and the other half of these cufflinks are plain. The two halves are joined by a short chain. There is a small scratch on the plain side of one of the cufflinks and these have been priced accordingly








E. Diagonal Stripe Cufflinks  Very pretty cufflinks where there is a diagonal stripe across the oval shape which is 1.5 cms long. Fully hallmarked as solid 9ct


Item no:  399-15