Vintage Diamante Necklace

Vintage Diamante Necklace


Choose: A. Two Tier NecklaceChoose: B. Sparkling Diamante NecklaceChoose: C. Three Swag NecklaceChoose: D. Green Flower Necklace
Choose: E. Blue Drop NecklaceChoose: F. Multi Drop NecklaceChoose: G. Star Necklace

A classic piece of jewellery - the diamante necklace which is also known as a Prom necklace as it is usually worn to Proms, balls and other glamorous occasions. It was high fashion during the 1950s when most of these necklaces date from. They are all made of silver toned metal and set with sparkling clear glass crystals, all are in excellent condition. I think they make a great " something old " for a bride. All sparkle much more in real life than in these photos - guaranteed


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A. Two Tier Necklace .

This necklace is particularly attractive as it has two scalloped tiers with each scallop having a pendant drop hanging down. This is an original vintage necklace from circa 1950s. This necklace measures about 42 cms long or 16 1/2 inches long and will hang nicely over the collar bone for a medium size lady.





B. Sparkling Diamante Necklace 

An excellent diamante necklace which really sparkles and shines. At the centre it has four scallop shapes each with a  long baguette shape in the middle. It is made of silver toned metal and the diamante are crystal glass. It can hang at  42 cms ( about 16 1/2 inches) long or hooked shorter if required. It is 40 or 50 years old .





C. Three swag Necklace 

A really nice example of this type of diamante necklace. It will hang at about 17 inches long and fastens with a roll over catch.







green flower necklaceD. Green Flower Necklace

This is special, in the middle of this necklace there is a burst of emerald green and crystals with a flower shape at its heart. It is in excellent condition and will hang at almost 20 inches long.





blue drop necklaceE. Blue Drop Necklace 

This has golden crystals around the edge and a series of blue drops. Something a bit different for your party. It is around 17 inches long.





 Multi Drop Diamante necklaceF. Multi Drop necklace

The diamante on this necklace go nearly all the way around the neck. The longest part will hang at 18 inches.




star necklaceG. Star Necklace

This diamante necklace has a star right in the middle. It is just over 16 inches long. 







Item no:  392-18