Traditional Scandinavian Solje Brooch

Traditional Scandinavian Solje Brooch


Choice: A. Round Solje BroochChoice: B. Elvik SoljeChoice: C. Diamond Shaped SoljeChoice: D. Two Row Solje
Choice: E. NE From SoljeChoice: F. Einar Modahl SoljeChoice: G Double Drop Solje

The solje brooch is a traditional Scandinavian piece of jewellery which would be worn at weddings and other important celebrations and festivals. They are said to reflect the sun.

These are all made from silver and in excellent condition. Your choice is:



A. Round Solje brooch.  

This has a solid round shield type backing and has 5 rows of discs hanging down. It is 6 cms top to base









B Elvik Brooch 

A great quality Solje which is stamped with the makers logo for Elvik . It is almost 4 inches top to bottom.








C. Diamond Shaped Solje 

This one has lots of drops to it and it measures 2½ inches top to bottom







D. Two Row Solje 

This has two drops hanging down which is a bit different. It is over 3 inches long.






E. NE From Solje

N E From Quality Vintage Solje Brooch. Here a great quality vintage solje brooch made by NE From in Denmark. The background is a very solid filigree and then over the top are six discs which move and catch the light as the wearer moves .

This sort of brooch is traditional in Scandinavia and is worn at events like weddings. It is stamped NE on the reverse. Also it is stamped 830s which will be for 830 grade silver it is made from .

This is a vintage piece thought to be from circa 1940s. It measures about 1 1/8 inches across the  background circle or 2.8 centimetres


F. Einar Modahl Solje 

A pretty round brooch being almost 1½ inches across.






Double Drop SoljeDouble Drop Solje1G. Double Drop Solje 

This is nice with the double round shape. There is a makers initial J on the reverse. It is made of 830 silver and is 3.5 cms wide.


Item no:  380-37