Three Row Vintage Glass Pearls

Three Row Vintage Glass Pearls


Choose: A. Pearl ChokerChoose: B. Golden PearlsChoose: C. 8mm Pearls
Choose: D. Diamante Clasp PearlsChoose: E. Green Clasp NecklaceChoose: F. Boxed Glass Pearls

The look of a real tripple strand of pearls at a fraction of the price. These are quality glass pearls which look and hang like the real thing. Do not confuse these with modern plastic pearls which look much cheaper. These are all in first class condition and most wearable.  Please choose from:

A. Pearl Chocker


A shorter length necklace which is designed to sit around your throat. It can be adjusted to different lengths between 14 and 16 inches to suit you. As you can see the beads include a few amethyst coloured ones and a bit of sparkle as well.





B. Golden Pearls


Detail is added to this necklace with golden metal overlays to many of the pearls. The necklace is from circa 1980s and is about 20 inches long including the clasp. The clasp can be worn at the back of the neck or to the side








C. 8mm Pearl Necklace.


This has a lovely clasp with diamante surrounding the pearls. All the pearls in the three strand are 8mm diameter. The longer strand is about 18 inches long. The clasp would normally go at the back of the neck






diamante clasp glass pearlsdiamante clasp three row glass pearlsD. Pearls with Diamante Clasp


Vintage pearls from circa 1950s. They are graduated with the largest at the front. The longest strand is 18 inches long.





green clasp necklacegreen clasp necklace 1E. Green Claps Necklace


Really lovely, normally you may like to wear this with the clasp at the back of the neck. . This triple strand necklace has 8 mm glass pearls and a silver clasp set with a central emerald green diamante and clear ones around. Certainly better than the usual glass pearl necklace looking like the real thing. The longest strand is about 20 inches and the shortest 18 inches





boxed glass pearlboxed glass pearl5









Fboxed glass pearl2 . Boxed triple strand glass pearl necklace

A pretty glass pearl necklace which comes in its original box. It has a diamante set clasp. It is about 18 inches long. A couple of stones are missing from the clasp so it has been priced accordingly. 








Background .

Pearls have a central glass bead and a pearlescent finish over the top. These are a much better weight than modern plastic ones and a well-made set can look just like real pearls but are much cheaper. Just like the real thing, the surface can last for many years and you should be able to pass these through the generations if you follow the advice below.

Care and Storage

In general, these are quite forgiving but a little care will ensure they stay wonderful for many years to come.

Wearing:  Put the necklace on last after you have applied your makeup and perfume. The surface is quite good but chemicals can attack it.
After wearing please check they are still clean before putting away. I suggest a soft lint-free cloth for removing anything untoward, hopefully, just a gentle rub will restore them to their former glory.

Wrap them separately from all other jewellery - This is good advice for all items, not just these. Now place them in your jewellery box somewhere free from damp and heat. To wrap them use the bag or box they came in - I supply something suitable with your jewellery.

Occasionally it is worth checking the clasp to make sure it is still secure



Item no:  402-26