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What Jewellery For My Wedding Anniversary

Friday, 11 May 2018  |  Anne

Know someone with a wedding anniversary coming up soon? Vintage wedding anniversary Jewellery is a popular Gift and there are pieces suitable to nearly every occasion. Some of these are not the same as the title of the anniversary but they are great fits for your special day.

Wedding Anniversary Jewellery

For wedding anniversaries the following pieces are traditional:

1st Anniversary is Paper – plain gold jewellery. A ring or a lovely vintage brooch?

2nd Anniversary is Cotton – Garnet set jewellery – a nice pendant or a pair of cufflinks for your man?

3rd Anniversary is Leather – Pearls are the traditional gift as leather gifts are not that common. – Earrings or necklace or tie pin for men


4th Anniversary is Linen – Blue Topaz Jewellery -A lovely range of blue shades available

5th Anniversary is Wood – Sparkling Sapphires are given

6th Anniversary is Iron – Amethysts – choose a lovely deep purple one

7th Anniversary is Wool – OnyxA Victorian Scottish Celtic brooch or dirk set with hard stone

8th Anniversary is Bronze – TourmalineWonderful colours available

9th Anniversary is Copper – Lapis-Lazuli – the traditional art deco jewellery stone

10th Anniversary is Tin – Your Diamond Wedding – how about a Victorian rose cut diamond for something special?

11th Anniversary is Steel –Turquoises – one of my favourites – a vintage ring or a charm is excellent

12th Anniversary is Silk -Jade – Jade bracelets were popular in the art deco era

13th Anniversary is Lace – Citrine – a bight yellow stone that looks good set in gold

14th Anniversary is Ivory – Opal – Black or white the choice is yours – try a brooch or cuff links

15th Anniversary is Crystal –Ruby – excellent stone for rings for both men and women or how about this crystal necklace?

20th Anniversary is China - Emerald – a beautiful shade of green – how about a necklace with an Emerald pendant?

25th Anniversary is Silver –plain silver jewellery – appreciated by both men and women. A silver bangle maybe?

30th Anniversary is Pearl – A better quality set than for the 3rd anniversary I think

35th Anniversary is Coral –Best to go Victorian here so that we are not damaging the environment

40th Anniversary is Ruby – Big and bold to celebrate 40 years I think

45th Anniversary is Sapphire – Sapphires come in white and pink and other colours if you dont fancy blue

50th Anniversary is Golden Jubilee – Gold and lots of it please

55th Anniversary is Emerald – 55 years – wow that deserves and Emerald ring

60th Anniversary is Diamond Jubilee – Lots and lots of them for 60 years

65th Anniversary is Blue Sapphire – Sapphires again!

70th Anniversary is Sapphire Jubilee – More Sapphires?

75th Anniversary is Platinum Jubilee – A bit heavy so make it a ring

80th Anniversary is Ruby Jubilee – Twice the size of the one you gave for a 40th anniversary

What wedding anniversary jewellery  gifts have you given or received ? Anything missing from here? Please do leave a comment and let me know :-)