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The April Birthstone Diamonds

Friday, 11 May 2018  |  Anne

April Birthstone Diamonds

Lucky, Lucky people - those who were born in April. They have the bright sparkling diamond as their birthstone. Here I'm taking a look at the April Birthstone Diamonds. The diamond also covers the star signs Aries and Taurus. Everyone loves diamonds, I've never met any lady who wouldn't welcome one as a gift. Even Gents love wearing diamonds, perhaps in a tie pin or lapel pin. People have been wearing them from the earliest of times. Not cut and polished like they are today but in their more natural state.

Gemstone Properties

Diamonds figure amongst the worlds costliest gems but a small one can also be quite reasonably priced. Even the smallest will still provide a beautiful point of light and sparkle to you jewellery. It is also the hardest of all gemstones which makes it perfect for setting into rings where it will wear well. Infact, the name diamond comes from the ancient words Adames which meant indestructible. As it is so very hard you do have to be careful wearing and storing them next to other jewellery. They may scratch a softer stone.

Diamond Folklore

Of course, as a birthstone, there is lots of folklore attached to the April Birthstone Diamonds. The Romand and Ancient Greeks thought they were the tears of their Gods or sometimes splinters of falling stars. Ancient Jewish Priests thought that diamonds could help in judging people. They would be dull for the guilty and shine for the innocent. The diamond also stands for strength and courage. As a healing stone is covers mental abilities helping with depression, memory loss and tiredness.  


What if you would like a large stone for an April birthday? Of course, a large white diamond is very expensive. There are options which look similar. You could choose glass or a cubic zirconia. Personally, I think a Rock Crystal would be preferable as they are beautiful, clear and genuine natural gemstones.