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Store Your Jewellery And Maintain Its Condition

Friday, 27 April 2018  |  Anne

Have you considered how to store your jewellery or did you know that the way you keep it can affect its condition?.  If you simply place it all in a jewellery box it will become tangled, worn or even damaged. Some materials will damage those next to them. For example, different hardness's of gold will wear the softer one. Diamonds can scratch virtually any material.

How To Store Your Jewellery

Fortunately, there is a "one size fits all" solution to this. Each piece must be individually protected from the rest. Even rings of the same hardness and gemstone are best treated like this and protecting the surface of your favourite vintage brooches is very important. Let's assume that the jewels are clean and dry ( cleaning is the subject of another article) and ready to wear again. You firstly need to protect each piece individually. You can wrap in acid-free tissue paper, use an organza bag for each piece or a small box. I suggest you even wrap earrings separately and then together. Your orders from AntiquesAvenue will normally arrive with both a box and bag supplied in the price you see and both of these are suitable. If you are always going to use the same bag or box you could consider labelling it with the contents - not so important when you are starting your collection but when you have amassed a lot of jewellers you will be grateful for the little time you have taken over this. Once wrapped you can place each in your favourite jewellery box if you like but straight into a drawer is just as good as long as it will not get disturbed. You might like to take care where you store your jewellery box. Somewhere free from damp and too much heat is good. A bathroom, for example, is not suitable due to the steam which will attack more delicate materials and allow mould to grow. Nor would right next to a radiator be right as the heat can damage some materials such as cameos. Similarly, somewhere which doesn't get a lot of sunshine will not get too hot.

Jewellery Boxes

What sort of jewellery box is good? I like those which are free standing and have a few drawers in them. The drawers are often divided into compartments of different sizes. Placing your individually wrapped jewellery inside allows you to find it easily when you want to especially if you have followed my tip and labelled each.      Handled like this your jewellery is going to stay safe for many years to come. - Put away clean and in a good state of repair - Wrap each piece individually - Place in Jewellery Box - Take care with placing of the box. So tell me, how do you store your jewellery?