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Ring re-sizing

Monday, 23 December 2013  |  Anne

Re-sizing your ring

Have you seen a ring you would love to buy but its the wrong size? If your ring is just one or two sizes too big or too small it is normally possible for you to have the ring re-sized.  Take the ring to any decent jewellery shop and they will be able to help. The cost should be £15 to £25 ish for a simple ring. A ring which is very fancy with lots of stones will need more work and so may cost more.

There are some rings which are not suitable for re-zinging such as those with cameos set in as the cameo will crack under the heat. Similarly, pearls don't like the heat and would have to be removed before re-sizing so it would cost more to do a ring like this. Full eternity rings can be problematic too as the stones are all the way around.

Take great care with a  ring which has been re-sized already especially if you don't know how much by. This is an issue with antique and vintage rings so the best thing to do is to check with the dealer you purchased the ring from. You don't want to change by more than one or two sizes from the original as this will decrease its stability and increase the chance of losing stones.