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Citrines November Birthstone

Monday, 30 December 2013  |  Anne


November actually has two birthstones, Citrines and Topaz. Both can be a shade of deep golden yellow . The Topaz is more costly stone in general than the citrine but I agree with many of you who prefer citrine jewellery as having a much prettier stone.


Citrines come in a range of colours from a pale pastel yellow, a lovely sunshine colour through the deep golden colour mentioned earlier. I love the paler and mid sunshine ones  and they looks so wonderful in gold jewellery. They are a reasonably hard gemstone similar to amethysts and so are suitable for most jewellery uses except I would suggest that where they are in a ring you do not wear it for chores where the stone could become abraded.

In mythology and folklore the citrine has  been associated with success and good luck. I have heard that at one time it was called the merchant stone and some kept a citrine with their business takings to encourage more. A bit in the manner of feng shui coins or a lucky Chinese money toad.

As a healing stone the citrine was used to provide energy and warmth ( bet that was for sunshine coloured stones) and to promote the removal of toxins from the body. As well as being the November stone the citrine also has associations with Virgo and with the thirteenth wedding anniversary.

A word about citrine colour

Citrines have a range of colours but they are not equally easily found. Look at the top photo of the citrine rings to see a few colour examples. Many of the darker topaz coloured citrines we see in new jewellery today are actually citrines at all but smokey quartz or low grade amethysts which have been heat treated to change their colour.  Now when you buy vintage citrines most of them are a lemon or sunshine colour and you are much more likely to be buying a natural stone.


Citrine Care

Suitable for most jewellery uses except where they are going to get rubbed a lot. You can wash your citrine and gold jewellery lightly with a little soft soap and a gentle soft toothbrush. Rine well and gently dry with a lint free cloth. I would be a little wary of harsh jewellery dips unless the one you have specifically says you can use it on citrines and perhaps best avoid an ultrasonic machine .

As with all gemstone jewellery keep it seperate from pieces with diamonds set in. Just putting them all together in a jewellery box can cause the stones to get scratched. I supply each piece in an organza bag , place your jewel in this first and then add to your jewellery box if you like. You can see through the bags so its easy to find the right piece and its is protected at the same time.

Whichever piece of citrine jewellery you choose I hope it brings a little of that sunshine with it  :-)