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Amethyst Jewellery Your February Birthstone

Saturday, 23 January 2016  |  Anne

Were you born in February? This will make the beautiful Amethyst your gemstone. It has a lovely purple colour in a whole range of shades from pale lilac to a deep velvety royal Purple . Those with a February birthday can choose their favourite perhaps a lovely vintage amethyst necklace this year? .
Lets take a look at the stone, what is it? Whats the folk lore behind it and particularly how you can wear it in jewellery.
It is basically a natural stone from the quartz family which includes rose quartz and rock crystal. It is dug out of the ground. Amethyst is the purple variety. Once upon a time it was extremely rare and was amongst the most expensive of gems like diamonds, rubies and emeralds.  The ancient Romans and Greeks prized it as it was said to ward of drunkenness. Apparently if you drank your favourite tipple out of an amethyst bowl then you would never get drunk – unfortunately Im not sure that this works and cant think how the myth came about.  Perhaps a piece of amethyst set jewellery would be a great gift to anyone with alcohol addiction issues? The Church has always prize the amethyst as a symbol of purity and Catholic Bishops still wear a ring set with it as a symbol of humility.
Eventually huge amethyst deposits were found in Brazil and due to the increased supply the price tumbled although this does not make it any less beautiful to wear just more accessible. The Victorians were particularly find of the gem as its deep purple colour suited the sombre mourning cults of the time. They saw it as a symbol of devotion.
In myth and folk lore the amethyst is said to increase spirituality and assist the psychic process. It helps to heal after loss and in times of grief. It can be worn by healers or by those in need of healing when it will be placed close to the point of injury.
But what about the main purpose of this purple beauty? Surely its at is best set in jewellery? The differing shades suit different coloured metals. The paler ones go well with white gold, silver or platinum whilst the deep velvety ones look stunning with yellow gold. It is suitable for all types of jewellery – earrings, necklaces or set into a brooch or bracelet. It can be happily worn in a ring but one word of caution here as it is a little softer than diamonds and sapphire. It is probably sensible to keep an vintage amethyst ring for dress and glamorous occasion s as the surface will eventually wear with everyday rough and tumble. Alternatively for everyday an amethyst and silver ring would not be expensive .
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