Amber Necklaces and Pendants

Amber Necklaces and Pendants


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A collection of pendants and necklaces made with real amber gemstones. Amber is an ancient fossilised resin from trees which has become hardened over millions of years. It is supposed to have all sorts of healing properties. 

amber chip necklaceA. Amber Chip Necklace. This is very long at 54 inches. There is a diamante set catch so you can wear it as one long length or wrapped around two or ever three times if you wish.






B. Amber Bead NecklaceB. Amber Bead Necklace


This is 50 inches long and has groups of differing size amber beads to give an interesting effect. Wear it as a single or doubled up necklace. Nice butterscotch coloured beads.






polished amber pendantpolised amber pendant1C. Polished Amber Pendant


A nice almost triangular shaped polished amber pendant hanging on a silver chain. This amber has a warm honey colour and it is a bit over an inch long. The chain is 16 inches long.





D Polished amber chip necklaceD Polished amber bead necklace

This polished amber chip necklace is 24 inches long. Its a deep honey colour and in lovely condition.







Item no:  405-20