Vintage Silver Coin Bracelet

Vintage Silver Coin Bracelet

 Choose: B. Belgian Gilt CoinsChoose: E. 3d Coin Bracelet 

Genuine vintage coin jewellery is always fascinating and always popular. The bracelets here have real old currency attached. The coins and bracelets are all made of solid silver.

A Silver coin charm bracelet


with lots of old silver coins attached. The bracelet its self has a curb link and fastens with a padlock catch. It is fully hallmarked for 1956 The coins are much earlier some being Victorian and the remainder from the early 1900s. Mainly these are UK 3 Pence coins. As well there are  a couple of charms - a St Christopher and a comical duck. As you can see in the picture there is one copper coin it is a half farthing dating from 1844. The bracelet fastens at about 18.5 cms long or just over 7 cms. There is an attached safety chain.




B. Belgian Gilt Coin Bracelet


These are Belgian 50 cents coins from the 1920s and 1930s. There are 8 coins as the bracelet and a further one hanging down . It fastens at about 8 inches.






C. Bracelet with 8 coins


There are 8 silver 3d coins attached and it fastens with a traditional dog clip. The 8 inch chain has most likely been adapted from an old watch chain as it is graduated. The coins include a Victorian one and various dates up to 1940.





D. Belgian Silver Coins Bracelet


There are 11 coins here all from Belgium. The larges is 25 cents from 1914 the rest are 10 cents from the 1930s. It is 7 ½ inches long.





3d coin bracelet3d coin bracelte1E. 3d Coin Bracelet


A nice bracelet made up of 8 silver 3d coins. It is 7 inches long and there is an attached safety chain. The coins are from the 1930s


Item no:  397-04


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