Vintage Silver Cocktail RIngs

Vintage Silver Cocktail RIngs

Choice: B. Modernist Amethyst RingChoice: C Yellow Stone RingChoice: D. Coin Ring
Choice: E. Butterfly RingChoice: F. 1970s Pearl RIng

The cocktail rings below are all made of solid sterling silver and are in excellent wearable condition. They are genuine vintage rings set with big and bold stones  - very bright and colourful and just right for a glamorous occasion. Please choose from:

A.  Citrine Ring 

A sweet vintage silver ring with a lovely lemony citrine set into it which is about ½ an inch long across the oval. UK finger size K½








B. Modernist Amethyst Ring 

There are several amethysts of different sizes and cuts set into this ring in a very modernist style. It is up to 1.5 cms wide across the head. Size N





C. Yellow stone ring 

Theres a bright yellow quartz stone set into it which is between ½ and ¾ inch long. It is UK size O½. It carries hallmarks on the outside of the shank which indicates a continental origin.





D. 1930s Coin Ring 

This silver ring is set with a 3d coin dating from 1934. It is UK finger size P½






butterfly ringbutterfly ring1

E. Pau Shell Butterfly ring 


This butterfly is set with pau sell which gives it a lovely colour. It is quite a chunky ring and is UK size V.


F 1970s Pearl Ring

silver pearl ringsivler pearl ring 2


A very nice 1970s solid silver ring set with a cultured pearl .The ring is fully hallmarked for the 1970s. UK finger size M½





















Item no:  398-43


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