Vintage Miracle Brooch Selection

Vintage Miracle Brooch Selection


Miracle were a British manufacturer of costume jewellery which has now become highly collectable. Their pieces are mainly in Scottish or Celtic style . Here is a selection of vintage Miracle brooches for you to choose from. All are stamped with the company name and are in excellent condition


A. Multi Stone Miracle Brooch. £22 This has traditional Scottish motifs. There stones are all glass and set into silver toned metal. It is 4.2 cms across or a bit over 1 1/2 inches.









B. Large Blue Stone Miracle £24 Heres quite a large Miracle brooch set with a marquise shaped blue art glass stone. The stone has streaks of white running through it giving a most attractive variation in shades of blue. The stone is mounted as a brooch in pewter coloured metal. It measures about 2 34 inches long or 7 cms. It is a little faint but the word Miracle is stamped into the back of the brooch. As you can see from the second picture it has a large pin as you would need on a brooch of this size.









C. St Andrews Miracle £80 . Here is a Miracle brooch depicting St Andrew, I presume that he is meant to be carrying the Scott's cross. Around the edge are thistle shapes and the banner at his feet reads " St Andrew". This will be a vintage brooch from circa 1960s or 1970s. It is quite a large piece being 2 1/4 inches high or 2.7 cms. St Andrews is one of the rarer pieces from this sought after designer.









D. Blue Miracle Brooch £20 A nice brooch with a  variegated blue glass stone. It is 1 1/2 inches high













E. Miracle Pendant £20 A pendant stamped Miracle on the reverse. It is in Celtic style and set with glass stones. About 1½ inches high and ready to hang on your own chain,



Item no:  377-26
Era:  1950s -1970s
Condition:  Excellent
Gemstone:  Glass
Metal:  Costume

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