Vintage Enamel Animal Charms

Vintage Enamel Animal Charms

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1 in stock

Vintage silver enamel charms are popular as they add a splash of colour to jewellery. The ones here are all about animals and birds and are  in excellent condition.

A. H Prydz Owl Charm £75

A lovely vintage owl pendant or charm made by Hroar Prydz in Norway. It carries the makers marking and is also stamped as 925 sterling.The front ahs been enamelled in realistic owl colours. In first class condition you could add this to a neck chain or to a charm bracelet. The owl is 2.3 cms high or a touch over 1 inch.

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B. D. Andersen Charm £45

David Andersen of Norway  is one of the most highly regarded jewellery makers in Scandinavia. Here is a charm made by Andersen and with the makers name stamped on the reverse. It is made of silver with a golden gilt layer over and enamelled in a turquoise colour and depicting a goat. A great splash of colour and a designer name for your charm bracelet. Suitable for all goat lovers and also for those with the Capricorn star sign. The Charm measures about 1/2 an inch or 1.2 cms diameter. There is an O ring attached ready to add to your chain. Sorry Im sold



C. Cuckoo Clock Charm £30

A rare and lovely silver charm in the shape of a cuckoo clock. The clock has a moving pendulum and the weights are on a chain so that they move up and down looking like the real thing. The enamel is white on the clock face, red on the pendulum and green leaf detail on the clock itself. This is the first enameled charm like this Ive seen. It measures about and inch long from the top of the clock to the bottom of the pendulum although the weights can hang lower depending on where you place the chain. 




D. Leo Charm £35

This is a larger charm at 2 cms across and so could alternatively be worn as a pendant.  It is very nicely decorated with a lion and the astrological sign Leo. This is enamelled in red. The reverse is stamped as sterling silver and there is also the makers initials HJ

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E. Swan Charm £30

A really pretty silver charm which has a swan cut out in the centre . The swan has been enamelled in white with the water it is swimming in in blue. This will add great splash of colour to your charm bracelet. It measures about 1/2 inch or 1.2 cms diameter


Item no:  280-20001
Era:  Vintage
Condition:  Excellent
Gemstone:  Enamel
Metal:  Silver

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