Vintage Costume Jewellery Brooches Choice

Vintage Costume Jewellery Brooches Choice

Choice: B. Huge Blue BroochChoice: C. Flower shape broochChoice: D. Brooch and Earring Set

Here is a selection of vintage costume jewellery  brooches for you to choose from. All are genuine period pieces and are in really excellent condition.


A. Comet Brooch 

A superb brooch, turn it on its side and it looks like a comet flying through the sky. The clear stones are crystal glass . It is up to 3 inches long. The comets tails move a little as you do. Any yellow appearing in the picture is due to camera flash and is not there in real life.






huge blue broochhuge blue brooch revB. Huge Blue Brooch 

This is from the 1920s or 1930s. It measures 3 inches across. There are two different shades of blue diamante. Possibly one of the largest Ive ever seen.






C. Flower Brooch 

This one is in the shape of a flower and has crystal clear stones set all over the petals, It is almost 3 inches high










Brooch an Earring SetD. Brooch an Earring Set

This clear crystal set is a brooch and clip on type earrings. The brooch is just under 2 inches long and each earring just under 1 inch. 


Item no:  426-14


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