Stick pins

Lovely antique and vintage stick pins, lapel pins and tie pins mainly from the Victorian and Edwardian times. They are quite decorative and create a small point of interest. They are not big and showy like a brooch and are more usually worn by men than women. Mainly made of silver or gold , some have gemstones as well. All will be sent out with a new keeper / clutch so that they are ready to be worn

The stick pins you see here are all genuine vintage piece of jewellery. Stick designed tie pins were originally designed for cravat for gentleman but over the years they have been worn by ladies as well and are nowadays worn either in a cravat, a tie or a lapel. These have a decorative final and a pointed stick below this. The stick goes through the material with the decorative final laying flat against the material. The point end of the stick pin is then covered with a keeper ( sometimes known as a clutch).

They can be made of gold, silver or other metal. It is quite common to have the decorative part made of gold and other gemstones with the pin being gold plated metal as pure gold is a little soft for this purpose

Look out for unusual finals. Pearls or a diamond are seen as a good standard finial and are very classy. Others chose a finial in the shape of their favorite animal or to show allegiance to a particular society . Which ever you choose they are all quite collectable these days.