Solid Silver Cufflinks

Solid Silver Cufflinks

Choice: A. ButterfliesChoice: B. ClassicChoice: C. Soldier with Bearskin
Choice: D. Soldier with flagsChoice: F. Windmills

A choice of solid silver cufflinks which are all from the 1990s. These are new old stock - never having been worn. They are set with ceramic panels with pictures on them. The silver has a gold wash to give them the colour you see. The heads are just under 2 cms long 


The backs all look the same:













A.Butterfly Cufflinks - each decorated with a pair of butterflies






B.Classic Cufflinks - Gold design on yellow One with a lyre and the other with an Urn - images from ancient Greece






C. Soldier with Bearskin








D. Soldier with Flags


abstract cufflinks








E Abstract Cufflinks with a colourful design

windmill cuffs






F. Windmill Cuffs


Item no:  412-33


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