Miracle Jewellery Pendants

Miracle Jewellery Pendants

Choice: A. Brown TonesChoice: B. ThistlesChoice: C. CelticChoice: D. Bloodstone
Choice: E. AmethystChoice: F. Shield ShapeChoice: G. 2 inchChoice: H. Silver Tone Amethyst

A selection of pendants made Miracle jewellery. All are in perfect condition and each is stamped with the Miracle makers name. These are copies of original Celtic jewellery designs, real; collectors pieces. Each has its original chain of around 24 inches.  

Please choose from

Brown Tones MiracleA: Brown tones 1½ inches long Gold tone metal







thistles miracle pendantB. Thistles Pendant can also be worn as a brooch  1½ inches diameter Gold tone metal






miracle crossC. Celtic Cross 2 inches long Gold tone metal







bloodstone miracle pendantD. Bloodstone Pendant 1½ inches long. Silver tone metal






amethyst colours miracleE. Amethyst colours pendant 1½ inches diameter Gold Tone Metal







shield shape miracleF. Shield Shape Pendant 1½ inches diameter








2 inche miracleG. 2 inch pendant








silver amethsyt miracleH. Silver Tone Amethyst Pendant 1½ inches long



Item no:  435-38

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