Genuine antique and vintage lockets exclusive dating from the Victorian era through to the 1970s. Wonderful hidden compartments inside where you can keep a photograph, lock or hair or other memento such as a pressed flower inside. You can wear an antique locket round the neck, on a chain around the wrist as a charm, as a brooch or even a stick pin. Each is a one off unique older piece of jewellery and not repeatable.

Whilst most commonly thought of as a piece of jewellery for hanging round your neck there are all sorts of pieces of jewellery you can find with locket compartments. Brooches, bracelets, rings and charms all spring to mind. I have even seen a pair of earrings and a belt buckle with hidden compartments in them.

Some are made so that the contents are on display behind glass or hidden beneath a door. They can have one compartment or more. The most common is to have a space for a photo inside each of the two doors. Sometimes you come across what is known as a family locket which is made to hold several photographs, one for each of your children possibly.

Lockets have been worn as jewellery for hundreds of years. Early examples often held a miniature portrait painting inside. In Georgian and Victorian times they were popular pieces of mourning jewellery used to hold a snip of hair of a departed loved one. The Victorians also wore then as sentimental or sweetheart jewellery and lover kept a photograph or small token inside.

Like most pieces of jewellery they can be made of almost any imaginable material. Silver and gold are the most popular whilst rolled gold or gold plate offer a cheaper alternative. The Victorians were fond of Jet ones as part of their mournign jewellery

Some examples can still be found with their original photographs inside , these are sought after by collectors as are those with original locks of hair or pressed flowers inside


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