Cheap Vintage Charm Bracelets

Cheap Vintage Charm Bracelets

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1 in stock

A seletion of cheaper solid silver charm bracelets which all have charms attached. Whilst these are lower in price than many others they are still all in good condition and quite wearable. so why cheap? They may be a strange size or a bit newer than others. Perhaps they have smaller or fewer charm attached.


A. Travel Shield & Charm Bracelet £45

Travel Shield and Charm Bracelet. Heres a bracelet full of travel shields and travel related charms. The bracelet and most of the charms are made of solid sterling silver however a couple of the charms are thought to be plated. The shields and charms include: Genova, Fierenze , Roma, An Irish Shamrock, a swiss hat, a Belgian Manequin Pis, and many more .The bracelet has a nice decorative link and measures 18 cms or 7 inches long which fits most ladies  wrists. This is a piece of vintage jewellery from circa 1970s Sorry Im Sold



B. Travel Shield Bracelet £40

A great collection of enamel charms mainly form the UK but also some European ones: Italia, France, Bolton, Woburn Abbey amongst others. 18 cms long


Sory Im Sold



C. Riding Theme Bracelet £25

Heres a nice starter silver charm bracelet which has a ringing theme. The bracelet is a little shorter than usual at 17 cms long and may well suit a younger girl or teenager. There are 4 charms attached of which 3 have a riding theme. There is plenty of room for more charms. This charm bracelet fastens with the traditional padlock catch

Sorry Im Sold




D. Starter Charm Bracelet £20

A nice bracelet with plenty of space for more of your own charms . 18 cms long.






E. Enamel Shield Bracelet £50

There are loads of enamel shields and a few good charms on this bracelet. Of particular note are the Good Luck spinner charm and the enamel cow bell with blue flowers.  17 icms long when fastened.

Sorry Im Sold




double chain charmdouble chain charms2F. Double Chain Bracelet £50

  The charms on this bracelet include: A spinner reading "Kiss me", an opening Whos who by Chim and  enamel shields. Theres a cute pixie and a 3 old penny coin from 1920. Theres a traditional catch and the bracelet is about 17 cms long.



Item no:  450-48
Condition:  Excellent
Metal:  Silver

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