Aurora Borealis Vintage Necklaces

Aurora Borealis Vintage Necklaces



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1 in stock

Aurora Borealis is the term given to a decorative finish given to glass beads . It has a rainbow effect to it and was first developed in the later 1950s with a lot of help from Christian Dior. All of the necklaces here will be from between then and the 1970s. They are in lovely condition and most wearable on glamerous occasions.

A. Aurora Crystal Necklace


The necklace measures about 38 cms or around 15 inches long. This means that it will sit around collar length on slimmer lady or a little longer on a  young girl.




B Three Row Aurora Necklace

£40 .

A stunning necklace with tree strands of aurora borealis beads in different shapes and sizes. The clasp is flower shaped and it is designed to be worn at the side of the neck rather than at the back. This will give lots of sparkle to it. A little over 17 inches long.



aurora drop necklaceauroradrop necklace1C. Aurora Drop Necklace


This is superb, a two row necklace with each row having lots of drop shapes across the front. There is a decorative clasp , having an extender chain it can fasten between 15 and 18 inches as you choose.




17 inch aurora necklaceD. 17 inch Aurora Necklace 


This one has a pretty clasp and graduated beads. It is 17 inches long.




56 aurora necklace56 aurora necklaceE. 56 inch long Aurora Necklace £40

I think this is the longest Aurora Borealis necklace I have ever seen at 56 inches. You can wear it as one single length or wrapped around two or three times.






Item no:  412-30
Era:  1950s -1970s
Condition:  Excellent
Gemstone:  Crystal
Metal:  Silver Tone

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