Art Deco Long Sautoir Necklace

Art Deco Long Sautoir Necklace



Sorry I'm sold  

Sorry I'm sold

An original sautoir from the art deco era. The sautoir is a long string of beads which is worn as a necklace however the two ends are not joined in the traditional way and so it can be worn like a scarf or draped across the shoulders . At one time it was popular to wear one at the front of the neck with the two ends trailing over the shoulders and hanging down the back - this was a big part of the flapper type look.

This has black and red beads, a colour scheme which was high fashion in the 1920s and 1930s. The red beads are wooden whilst the black ones an early plastic. As you can see it is divided at the ends so it appears to have tassels.  It is about 76 inches long or 193 cms.  An excellent way to acquire a piece of original art deco jewellery.


Item no:  364-09
Era:  Art Deco
Condition:  Excellent

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