Antique  Silver Napkin Rings

Antique Silver Napkin Rings


A collection of vintage silver napkin rings for you to choose from. All priced at £30 each including postage and in excellent condition. These have been reduced in price from £35

A. 1920s Napkin Ring

1920s napkin ringA lovely napkin ring made of solid sterling silver and which dates from the 1920s. It has a wavy pattern around the circumference and there is a blank circle within this which you could have engraved with initials if you require. It is fully hallmarked for 1928. An excellent opportunity to acquire a piece of art deco silver at an affordable price.

It is about 14 cms or just under 5 1/2 inches around the outside and is about 1.9 cms deep or almost 3/4 inch. It is in lovely condition having survived over 80 years without damage.




Chester napkin ringChester napkin ring 1B. Chester  1910 Napkin Ring

A super Napkin ring which was made in 1910 according to its hallmarks. There is a scrolling leaf pattern inscribed all the way around except for the bank panel in the centre where you could have a name or initials inscribed if required. Antique silver napkin rings like this are now very collectable. How about collecting  4 or 6 different one to use at a dinner party?

It measures about 14 cms or 5 1/2 inch surround the outside and it is 1.9 cms deep or 3/4 of an inch. It is in lovely condition and is now well over 100 years old.


Victorian napkin ringVictorian napkin ring sideC. Victorian Napkin Ring

This one carries full London hallmarks for 1887. It is 1 inch deep  and has a pattern all the way around except for the cartouche which does carry a monogram. In wonderful condition.





1930s napkin ringD. 1930 Napkin Ring

Has typical engine turned decoration all the way around  excepting the area with the initials in - looks like PY. Fully hallmarked for 1930






hexagonal napkin ringE. Hexagonal Napkin Ring

Fully hallmarked for 1931 this is unusual as it is an elongated hexagonal in shape . It is just under 1 inch wide and in lovely condition.





Oval Napkin RingOval Napkin Ring1F. Oval Napkin Ring

Fully hallmarked as solid silver , this napkin ring is hallmarked for 1932. This is oval in shape, has a scrolling fern leaf design. There is a blank panel on the front. 








Item no:  407-29
Era:  Antique
Condition:  Excellent
Metal:  Silver

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