Antique Paste Brooches

Antique Paste Brooches

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1 in stock

Heres a collection of antique paste brooches for you to choose from. Paste is a sparkling imitation of diamonds which was particularly popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras through to the 1920s. It is no longer made.

paste flower silver broochsilver flower paste brooch 1A. Paste Flower Silver Brooch


A real quality vintage brooch with a flower in the middle. It is really pretty. Made of solid silver its set with paste stones which sparkle wonderfully. As you would expect they mounted into the brooch with a closed back setting. The brooch dates from circa 1900 and it fastens on the reverse with a C catch.  It is about 2 inches long


B. Amethyst Coloured Paste Brooch


This one is made of solid silver which is nicely pierced through, the pastes around the edge are crystal clear and the central one is amethyst coloured.  It is from the very early 1900s , over 100 years old and it measures  a touch over 1 inch long.


paste star broochpaste star brooch 2C. Paste Star Brooch £80

A beautiful solid silver brooch in the shape of a star set all over with pastes. This one really sparkles and is from the early 1900s. It is 1½ inches wide.


Item no:  406-46
Era:  Antique
Condition:  Excellent
Gemstone:  Paste

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