Antique MicroMosaic Brooches

Antique MicroMosaic Brooches

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Colourful brooches set with micromosaics to create the patterns. From the antique micromosaic brooches of the Victorian era through to more recent vintage ones. All are perfect with all the tiles present and correct unless stated otherwise.



oval mosaic broochoval mosaic brooch revA. Oval Mosaic Brooch

A unusually bright and clean micro mosaic brooch. The brooch fastens on the brooch with a safety pin type catch. It measures about 5 cms or 2 inches long which is quite large for a micro mosaic. This is a vintage most likely 1970s. 





 B. Malta heart

A very pretty brooch that's heart shaped. It is set with daisy flowers and the word Malta. It is about 1 inch top to bottom. 





double flower mosaic broochdouble flower moisaci brooch1C. Double Flower Brooch

This Antique brooch has two goldstone panels with matching white flower panels in the middle. It is 4.5 cms long and its an example from the Victorian era. There are minor nicks to the edges of the goldstone but you need to look very very closely to see them.









Item no:  407-18


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