Antique Locket Brooch

Antique Locket Brooch

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The locket brooch was designed so that you could wear a photo on your clothing. Some have the locket compartments hidden at the reverse whilst others display the photo at the front. One or two special brooches here have a locket compartment on both sides. All are genuine antique brooches and at least 100 years old.


A. Antique Pinchbeck Brooch £58

A golden antique pinchbeck brooch which has a superb design and a locket back. As you can see the design is in high relief and it has a domed middle with leaves around the edge. Turn it over and there is a glass cover which can be removed so that you can keep a small memento or photo inside.The brooch measures about 1 7/8 inches long or 4.7 cms . Pinchbeck is a material which looks just like gold but is actually a base metal. It is particularly nice as it does not tarnish and go dull. It is something which we only see in items from the Georgian and Victorian eras.


B. Floral Pinchbeck Locket Back Brooch £70

An excellent Antique Victorian locket brooch. This is made of pinchbeck which is burnished to a wonderful matt old gold colour. It has applied textured floral decoration, a spray of leaves and flowers which stand proud of the background and have a great 3d effect.

The back of the locket has a large glass covered locket compartment which is held in place by a ring which you can remove to access the area. There is an attached loop which could be used to add a safety chain if you wish but most prefer their brooches without.
It measures a little over 1 1/4 inches diameter or 3.4 cms.

C. Double Sided Locket Brooch £40

You will come across several lockets similar to this but a brooch made to hold photos is rarer. This is oval in shape and made of rolled gold as stamped at the bottom.  The front and back are covered by glass panels behind which you can place your favourite photos. You access these by removing a ring at the back behind the pin. The ring lofts out and then the contents can be accessed. To close it up again you just reverse the process although it is a bit fiddly. Rolled gold is gold on the outside and a base metal on the inside. The brooch is from the Victorian era and it measures about 4.5 cms or 1 3/4 inches from top to bottom Sorry Im Sold

D. Swivel Locket Brooch £45

Here's a double sided locket brooch where the central panel can be turned in the frame so that you can have either side at the front.  it is about 2 inches top to bottom. to access the locket you price the O ring off either side then remove the glass. Your photos can go between the two sheets and then you reverse the process. This is Victorian engineering and it takes time and skill to put the pictures in




Item no:  405-23
Era:  Victorian
Condition:  Excellent

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