Antique Jet Brooch

Antique Jet Brooch

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1 in stock

A collection of antique brooches made from Whitby Jet. This material was popular in the Victorian era as the black colour suited the fashions of the time. Also it is easy to carve into intricate shapes and patterns and light weight to wear. Jet comes from Whitby in Yorkshire, supplies are now running very short.

A. Lily of the Valley Brooch £30

This measures a little over 1 1/2 inches long or 4.3 centimetres. In the traditional language of flowers the Lily of the Valley stood for "Sweetness, Tears of the Virgin Mary , Happiness or Humility".





B. Oval Jet Brooch £30

A sweet little piece of antique jewellery made of polished jet with a faceted diamond pattern. 1½ inches long











Item no:  405-24
Era:  Antique

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