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A unique emporium full of wonderful one off antique and vintage pieces sourced from around the UK.

This site is owned and run by Anne Haile , an antiques dealer and  qualified jeweller with a passion for all things old and interesting especially jewelry.  AntiquesAvenue has been trading on-line for over 25 years and here on  since 2007.

I first became interested in antiques as a child – my Dad liked to attend auctions and look round antiques shops when he had the time and he used to take with him as I was fascinated by all the strange and unusual objects you would see. As I grew up I could always be found looking for bargains and learning more about antiques and the trade.  Eventually I felt confident enough to dive in full time back sometime back in the last century. 

Since then Ive been constantly learning and improving my knowledge about antiques and Jewellery . I share much of this on my blog which I hope you will find interesting. 

Do take a look  around as there's lots to see in the shop.  Happy to help. Anne