1930s Vintage Necklace

1930s Vintage Necklace

Choose: A. Green Foil NecklaceChoose: B. Simple Blue Foil NecklaceChoose: C. Red Drop Necklace
Choose: D. Opaline Beads NecklaceChoose: E. Mottled Green Glass NecklaceChoose: F. Amber Coloured Foiled Glass Necklace

A selection of very pretty necklaces originals from the 1930s. These are made of glass beads which have silver foil inside giving them a lovely shine and glow. It will look excellent with any vintage outfit or to add a touch of style to a modern one.These glass beads are hung a metal chain to make up the necklace and are in lovely condition. Please choose from:

A. Green foil necklace

This one is about 18inches long .The beads are green and silver colour. The largest is at the front and these get smaller to the back of the neck








B. Simple Blue Foil Necklace 

This is a simple line of beads on a metal necklace. It is almost 17 inches long








C. Red Drop Necklace 

A very attractive piece of vintage jewellery made of golden coloured metal with red glass stones.  It final drop will hang at about 17 inches.





opaline bead necklaceopaline beads necklaceD. Opaline  bead necklace 

A nice old necklace where the beads have been made to look like opals and strung on a metal chain. It is 19 inches log and in very nice condition.




Mottled Green Glass NecklaceMottled Green Glass Necklace1E.Mottled Green Glass Necklace

A super green necklace from the art deco era. It is 18 inches long and all the beads are individually knotted onto the string. Each bead is about 8mm across. 





 Amber Coloured Foiled Glass NecklaceF.  Amber Coloured Foiled Glass NecklaceAmber Coloured Foiled Glass Necklace

A very pretty foiled glass bead necklace which has amber coloured beads. The bead are graduated so that they largest are in the middle. It is 18 inches long. 




Item no:  394-02


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